The Survey

Purposeful Aging Los Angeles (PALA) – An AgeFriendly Initiative seeks to prepare the Los Angeles region for a rapidly aging population through an innovative, sustained initiative that unites public and private leadership, resources, ideas and strategies. Purposeful Aging Los Angeles will improve the lives of older adults and Angelinos of all ages.

Community needs were assessed by conducting a survey in 9 languages that received 14,105 responses. Data from the survey was analyzed and reported by a selected group of researchers specializing in aging. Recruited from major universities in the region, the researchers expertise is captured in the identified livability domains, in this report. In addition, in person listening sessions were led by AARP.

Development of Action Plan Recommendations was a multi-stage process. Results from the survey were presented to more than 100 stakeholders, advocates and professionals working with older adults who participated in developing recommendations. A selection of the top recommendations was presented, and over 300 older adults assisted in prioritizing the recommendations most important to them. The Action Planning Advisory Group, Steering Committee, City and County management, and policy staff were presented draft recommendations for their input and approval. Extensive work was also taking place within the City and County Departments in response to the call to action. New activities and programs have been launched to engage older adults. County and City actions to adopt PALA and updates presented to Mayor and Council, and the Board of Supervisors, are also included in the appendix section of the report.

The vision to make the Los Angeles region the most age-friendly in the world is well underway.