Our Members

Membership in the Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging (LAACHA) is open to any corporation, partnership, joint venture, company, business association, academic institution, governmental entity, community-based organizations or individuals with a genuine interest in partnering with LAACHA members to promote health equity for older adult residents and caregivers, particularly those at-risk or who are marginalized, in the Los Angeles region.

LAACHA Membership Roster 


The Steering Committee may be composed of up to nine agency positions, with six permanent slots reserved for founding agencies of the Alliance, and three termed slots, open to membership at-large. The three positions offered at-large to membership are held for a fixed two-year term that may be renewed. The term limit for at-large Steering Committee members is two terms.

The current LAACHA Steering Committee members are: Los Angeles County Departments of Mental Health, Health Services, Workforce Development and Aging Community Services; the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging; the University of Southern California, School of Gerontology; Partners in Care Foundation; Watts Labor Community Action Committee and Wise & Healthy Aging.