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Guiding Principles 

  1. We recognize, value and celebrate the diversity among individuals and communities. 

  2. We seek to increase the capacity of communities to support regional public health strategies/plans for reducing disparities in health and well-being across the municipalities and communities in the county. 

  3. We involve impacted individuals and communities at all levels of the practice with an effective, multi- sector approach (e.g., services design, development, dissemination, implementation, evaluation). 

  4. We promote the integration of chronic conditions with other physical and behavioral health co- morbidities; and the utilization of effective community defined and evidence – based health promotion practices and programs. 

  5. We believe in the need for ongoing and sustainable funding support. 

      Membership in LAACHA 

      A. Qualification for Membership 

      Membership in the Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging (LAACHA) is open to any corporation, partnership, joint venture, company, business association, academic institution, governmental entity, community-base organizations or individuals with a genuine interest in partnering with LAACHA members to promote health equity for older adult residents and caregivers, particularly those at-risk or who are marginalized, in the City and County of Los Angeles. 

      Organizations and individuals meeting qualifying membership criteria shall be admitted to membership upon the completion and submission of a Membership Application, payment of the applicable membership fee, and the written approval of the Steering Committee. 

      All Members must abide by the Membership Agreement and any policies, guidelines or procedures adopted by the LAACHA Steering Committee. 

      B. Members Expectations & Responsibilities 

      LAACHA members have voluntarily joined together to work collaboratively for a common purpose – helping advance the LAACHA mission. 

      Members are informed about LAACHA’s strategic agenda, providing input and feedback as needed. 

      Members participate in scheduled meetings and activities, an annual needs assessment, and support other members’ efforts – sharing information, lending expertise, organizational resources, or other support as appropriate. 

      Members work collaboratively to strengthen the voices and efforts of older adults, giving them more say on issues, programs and policies that impact them. 

      Serve on and participate in consensus decision making through committees and any associated working groups or sub-committees. 

      C. Benefits of Membership 

      Among the benefits generally afforded to LAACHA Members are: 

      •  Access to all LAACHA’s networking opportunities, educational events and communication /informational tools 
      • Access to technical assistance, capacity building, pooled resources, funding opportunities, materials and other documents as may be approved by the Steering Committee 
      • Access to strategies and resources for addressing the needs of diverse communities 
      • Marketing and shared media opportunities 
      • Leadership opportunities on committees 
      • Peer recognition through member award programs 
      • Bi-monthly communications including special-access to resources, webinars, workshops, trainings and CEUs 

      D. Membership Categories & Contribution Amounts 

      There are four (4) membership types, and each new member is aligned with a specific stakeholder category. Representatives from these stakeholder groups could serve on the LAACHA Steering Committee. All members are encouraged to serve on workgroups and committees, as appropriate. 

      Annual contributions by type of membership include the following: 

      1. Sponsor Member ($5,000+ level of contribution support): 

        This membership level includes LAACHA founders and funders and is available to organizations/institutions that want to demonstrate their ongoing support of the LAACHA’s mission. Their financial contribution is recognized through prominent display of the Sponsor’s name/logo on all appropriate materials produced by LAACHA, and in meetings and educational programs administered by LAACHA. In-kind contributions are recognized. 

      2. Associate Member ($250 level of contribution support):
        This level of membership provides all rights and privileges accorded to an organizational member which provides opportunity to have multiple individual memberships (up to 5) registered under the organization’s name to access LAACHA resources, programing and events. In addition, at this elevated level of membership, company names are listed as supporting organizations in all LAACHA materials. 

      3. Individual Member ($25 level of contribution support):
        The individual level was created to provide all stakeholders with an opportunity to join LAACHA. Individual members are provided all rights and privileges of membership, including access to all LAACHA resources, products and educational offerings.

      4. Student Member (Free):
        Any individual who is currently enrolled at an academic institution in a field such as public health, aging, social work, gerontology or other disciplines relevant to the mission of LAACHA. 

      Note: Membership can be held at an organizational or individual level. 
      Initial member contribution shall be prorated and made upon Membership Application approval by the Steering Committee. Thereafter, annual contributions shall be made at the beginning of each calendar year. 

      E. Membership Roster 

      LAACHA shall maintain a up to date Membership Roster containing the name and address, including electronic mail addresses, of each Member, the date upon which the applicant became a Member, and the name of one (1) individual from each Member organization who shall serve as a primary contact for LAACHA, who will receive all correspondence and information, and vote on all issues submitted to a vote of the Members. Termination of the membership of any Member shall be recorded in the roll, together with the date of termination of such membership. 

      G. Membership Transferability 

      LAACHA membership is only transferable within the same organization. 

      H. All-Members Meeting 

      There shall be at least one meeting of the Members per calendar year. 

      All Members who attend the annual membership meeting are welcome to participate.